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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Note to Alan Grayson

Re: Share Your Health Care Story With Me Inbox (email dated 9/22/2009)

What kind of survey just asks one loaded question? The survey your team setup at, asks exactly one question. How is that going to garner useful information for you on the issue of health care. I would select "major changes", but that in no way would be the same major changes you may hear from other people.

To me the major change is getting the federal government out of healthcare completely. Remove it's failed ideas of stealing from one class of people to give insurance to another class of people. Give the industry freedom to do what it must so it can have a chance at providing the best service for the best cost to the most customers without constraints. Constraints that force us to use insurance and other "solutions" that actually make healthcare more expensive and less obtainable.

I know when I was a child my Mom spent $20 to take my sister and I into see the doc. That wasn't copay, that was paid in full for services rendered. Now I pay over $100 a visit, just for one child, and that's just if it was just a talk with the doctor. Did the dollar decline 160% since 1980? No. Then why does it cost ten times as much for a typical healthy checkup now? Don't try to make me believe it's because of greedy doctors and unfair insurance. It's because of government involvement and government failing in its role to protect doctors from fraudulent malpractice suits.

Today's doctors have to pander to insurance companies, record keeping that gives the government easier access to patient records than the patient them self, and malpractice insurance that gobbles up a huge chunk of their income. Want to fix healthcare? Get the government out of it!

Restore the Constitution and chain down the government. Consider your oath, good sir - it is to the constitution of this Republic and not to the public opinion surveys.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ron Paul and End The Fed

A well written letter by Ron Paul that was also posted by Glenn Beck. Read it for a clearer understanding of how the Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar. As if knowing that it takes $22 to buy what a person could get with $1 in 1913 isn't enough to realize how ridiculous this is... For those who don't know history, the value of currency has never eroded over time consistently and reliably. That did not happen to the US until the Federal Reserve [the central bank] was created. Ever wondered why they don't have those "this is how much milk was in ____" cards going back beyond 1913? It's because milk would go up one year, down for a few, then up a bit, and back down, and if you looked it it over 50 years the price of milk stayed roughly the same. Now, with the federal reserve you can be assured that your savings will be rendered useless over time, and "rich" families of today will have poor descendants in the future. A million dollars was worth 22 times in 1913 what it is worth today. Even a millionaire family of 1913 isn't set today. Just think about that 401k (if you have one) and what it will be worth as the dollar continues to decline at an even faster rate than it has since 1913? How can I be sure of this? It's a certainty because the Federal Reserve has doubled the supply of currency in the last year. That means the dollar will likely be worth 50% of what it was as soon as all that currency makes it out into the normal money supply, thus house prices will seem to rebound as the dollar is further destroyed. Who would say that an annual 22% inflation rate is a good thing? On average that is what the federal reserve has given us. $22 dollars today buys what $1 bought in 1913. That's a loss of 2,100% in less than 100 years. 2008-1913 = 95yrs. 2100%/95yrs = 22.105% per year. Still fooled by the governments reports of 1%, 5%, and 11% (as a high end) inflation for a year? That is a number easily manipulated. In many cases it means as a rate higher than the year before, so 2% could mean it rose 2% more than the previous year, not an actual dollar loss of 2%, but rather 2% worse than the previous year. The government is great at putting spin on things to make them sound better. Why do you think they refer to it as inflation instead of deflation? In reality it is the deflation of the dollar. What is it the inflation of? Inflation just sounds good - like filling a balloon. Kids know what inflating a balloon is - it just sounds like fun! But inflation of the market, thus deflating the value of the dollar is not a good thing. The only thing government is good at is putting lipstick on a pig and convincing us all we need the pig in our living rooms. They are *very* good at it. They have nearly 50% of the nation convinced they can tax the rich and support the poor. It's not possible, nor plausible, but then cartoonists and government are very good at getting people to accept the plausible impossible, just ask Disney, Carl Marx, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin to name a few. At least Disney was only selling some entertainment - I mean, really, an elephant fly? But then a few too many people have taken his "Dream a dream and follow your heart" concept a bit too far.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's see how simply I can put this....

I do not care what a person thinks or believes, as long as they do not force me to give up my freedoms.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Global Warming....

The democrats invite opposition to speak with Al Gore in Congress, but then after he gets here they tell him to go away....lovely! Read this link to see more of what sparked my entry.

Science is the new religion of our nation, I challenge anyone to state otherwise. We are now to accept Darwinism on faith. That theory offers nothing but a short glimmer of living, with no purpose, no reason, and nothing to strive for. No thanks! I'll stick to faith in God and our Lord Jesus who give us Liberty, Salvation, reason and purpose to our lives, especially our after life. Does that mean that Darwin was an idiot with no idea of what he was speaking of? No! I believe he was correct that we evolve and adapt to our environment, but species jumping? Show me the proof!

Now, with this news, I can rest easily with the reassurance that Al Gore is a fraud.

Science is meant to be only a study of what we can measure - it is a tool thats only purpose is the help us understand our environment. It, by definition, requires no leap of faith - only proof.

Carl Sagan was one of the first big celebrity scientists that shunned actual science and instead sold faith in science. Without conducting one experiment he concluded that a nuclear war would lead to nuclear winter. There was no way to experiment with that theory, yet he sold it to nations as fact. Global warming is another theory unsubstantiated by fact. In reality it exists in opposition to the fact that the world temperatures on average are indeed *not* rising. (unless of course you lie and use September's temperatures for October.)

Global warming is nothing more than an excuse for wealth redistribution which steals from *all* to give to the government. If the ideas of this administration become law, the poorest of our nation will quickly become poorer as they pay the carbon taxes.

Al Gore should be allowed to speak, but he should be considered without credit or merit until he and his ilk can produce one shred of evidence that can be reproduced in a lab. Should we try to find ways to reduce pollution? Hell, yes! Should we do it by forcing people into poverty? No!


Letter to my Rep...

I sent this to my house representative today...

Rep Grayson, I am glad to see you have decided to co-sponsor HR1207. Auditing the Federal Reserve is truly an important first step in proving that they should not exist at all. Of course, it will be nigh-impossible to find any information that they will be willing to turn over to the House. It is indeed time to fire them and time for this government to wake up and follow the Constitution. If only you had not sold us all out when you sponsored HR 1664. Do you not realize that you laid the foundation for the brother of minimum wage, better to be known as the maximum wage? You should be ashamed for your naive acts against Liberty and Freedom when you sponsored such a terrible bill. I implore you as someone who voted for you, and as an American Patriot, please wake up and take your oath to the Constitution as seriously as I do the one I took. Whenever you introduce or vote for legislation that does not stick within the confines of the Supreme Law of the Land, you are acting as an anarchist. I demand that you honor your oath, and no matter what your party tells you that you do what is truly just for this nation and the workers....limit the Federal government to the powers it was given and get our State and all states back where they belong - in control of their destiny. Moving the tax burden to the rich is not the answer! Placing the tax burden to an all time low is what will work. We need to get the Federal Government back to working on the budget that excise and tariffs can support. Join The People and forever end the insane income tax. I request, demand, and hope that you will go back to the real Democrat Party platform of personal freedom and also find out that only a free market can work, not a socialized one. Doctor visits used to be inexpensive when I was a child, now they are ridiculous thanks to government and private insurances and frivolous malpractice suits. Help us with real change by fighting against the problems and not using the big-government created problems to create more big government. Let me leave you with one last thought: "The government is not here to ensure our financial welfare by borrowing against our future. No one can borrow their way out of debt. Doing nothing is exactly what our Constitution required this anarchist government to do. They think they know better than the founding fathers. The truth is they are the reason we are in this mess and they are just making it worse. Wake up! Government is never the solution it is the disease! It is fire, not warmth. It consumes, it does not create." -Marc Bessent Thank you for your time. I'd appreciate a response and a bit of personal insight in regards to what it is like for you as a Rep. in Washington. Together we can restore America to truly be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but not if we are willing to throw away what got us here in trade for a horrible agenda that Bush put into play and Obama is surfing on. The Constitution is not a joke, good sir, and I advise you to do your duty. By The Way, I voted for you to fire the republican that voted for the bailout. Your vote for HR.1 has me ready to vote for anyone that runs against you when your seat comes up. Continue voting for bigger government, more oversight, and less freedom and you will absolutely insure that. Quit spending *MY* money and start reducing the size of government. Thank you, Marc Bessent American Veteran, Patriot, and lover of Liberty

Friday, April 24, 2009

A fun pass time on YouTube - Secession is a Right?

I'm not 100% sure how we got into a big discussion, but I am enjoying it so far. It's amazing how people want to tell you something is impossible, when indeed, nothing is impossible.

Here is the conversation thus far:

ZexMerquise (1 week ago)
Texas is not a state. It's its own country.
Everything is bigger in Texas.
Don't mess with Texas.
They answer to the Republic, Liberty, Justice, and the right to bare arms.
REAL Americans live there. People who send their kids to fight for the freedom of this country.
If any other country took over this country, Texas would be the United State of America.

wittumy (3 days ago)
zex....Texas is a state not its own country as you say. Glenn Beck, Rick Perry, Ted Nugent don't speak for Texans and I find it offensive none of them said a damn word until now and try to get us to believe they are not "party" biased. Mr Beck you backed and still back torture and illegal wire taps because you're scared.....seeing you stand in front of the Alamo which represents brave determination makes me ill.

Then I posted in the next min-conversation where someone called secession "treason".

USConsitution Art 3, Sec 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

If you just leave and start your own government how is that treason? You aren't declaring war, or giving their enemy aid or comfort. Perhaps that's it, then....people think when you leave a union you automatically become it's enemy? That's not the case. I know plenty of failed marriages where the couples are still amicable with each other and work together.

Keep in mind I am not saying I am for secession, but I can understand a State deciding it has had enough with the federal government and doing the only thing it can...threatening to leave. The federal government is nothing without the states the give it life.

olivemike81 (3 days ago)
In another segment at the Alamo Beck was practically casting a vote for Texas to succeed. If Texas does suceed, I doubt it will, and we have Civil War 2 I'll be the first one to sign up for the military and crush those traitors. Just like we did the first time.

TotalDeadEnd (3 days ago)
It's not that they'll rise up to try to overthrow us. They just want to run things their way without having the government interfere. Kind of like the states that Native American Indians want.

And the word is secede, by the way.

olivemike81 (3 days ago)
There are ways to go about this without threatening treason.

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
Secession is not treason. It is a State's last line of defense against a federal government that no longer honors its side of the contract - you know that annoying Constitution thing. The government are the traitors for ignoring the law of the land they swore to uphold.

olivemike81 (1 day ago)
We're talking about money here. We're not talking about the federal government stealing state land or something. Obama's plan for the economy may fail but maybe you should see if it fails first before you talk about seceding from America.

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
Right....because money is not property and putting a debt against me, my children, and everyone in this country isn't theft? Listen to yourself. Money is what we use to buy property - it is how we are compensated for a labor - our property. The federal government has a rule book to follow - The Constitution. They are not following it and thus are governing in anarchy. Obama's plan isn't knew it is the same failed technique that prolonged the great depression.

olivemike81 (1 day ago)
Well actually the truth is when FDR cut back on spending the job loss rate increased. And when FDR took office in 1933 unemployment was at 25%. Just before World War II it was less than 10%.
And it's not like Obama is planning to keep all the money he spent in his plan. The idea is to stimulate the economy and eventually pay off the money spent. Not exactly stealing.

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
Government temporary jobs are not a solution to unemployment. If it is such a great bill, why was Congress not given a reasonable amount of time to read a 700+ page bill? It was never read in session. HR1 was about paying off campaign contributers, not helping the economy. Look at the language - most of the money doesn't even have to be (or cannot be) used until 2003 before he starts campaigning again. Look: 200 million for homeless, but 2.8 billion for broadband - that's priorities!

wittumy (1 day ago)
mcblue....succession is not a're believing idiots like Perry. I bet you also liked Bush didn't you?

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
Aye, as a liberty loving Constitutionalist , I just adored all the work that Bush did in dismantling it. Anything is possible, and The People reserve the right to throw off government that no longer works for them and setup a new government that will defend their rights and their way of life. Read the Declaration of Independence sometime and then convince me that the people who fought a war for that right gave it up when they joined the Union voluntarily. Bush was one more bad president.

wittumy (1 day ago)
mcblue....let's save time....what in the constitution says they can. I, even with Bush's faults do not have a loss of faith in my government.

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
The Constitution limited the federal government, removed a bit of power from he States, not the People. Therefore, since it is not listed as a right removed from the States, it is a right retained by the States. I do not have faith in any -body- that lies repeatedly. Our government is too big to be blindly trusted, period. I don't want secession, I want the government to follow the Supreme Law of the Land.

wittumy (1 day ago)
0're still not there. Where does it say you can seceed if you don't like what the government is doing.

mcbluefire (1 day ago)
Ah, I see... let's play that game. Show me where it says a State cannot, then. No amendment was made following the civil war that specifically removes the right of secession, so I guess that question still isn't settled. I'll stick to the federalist papers view of the Constitution and the 10th amendment which leaves all rights to the States and The People which aren't specifically granted to the feds...thus guaranteeing the right of leaving the union just as they joined it - voluntarily.

wittumy (10 hours ago)
0 were the one who said they could seceed not I. I've asked for proof and you wish to push the burden of your comment to me.....what "game" am I playing?

mcbluefire (4 hours ago)
Wow. I've given you all the proof necessary. Anything not prohibited by the Constitution remains a right. The fact that you can't understand that is amazing to me. Any State can seceed and has the right to do so. This isn't a union any more binding than a marriage. Anything that can be created can be ended. If it helps you sleep better at night you keep believing the socialist pledge of "indivisible", I'll stick with Freedom. Good luck to you.

wittumy (1 hour ago)
mcblue....I'm not a socialist anymore than you're a damn fascist so cut the elementary school bullshit. Of course "anything that is created can be ended"....but there is usually a reason/cause. What in the constitution says any little bit of disent can be grounds for a state to you suggest? Who decides whether the government is lying...Glen freaking Beck? Give me something in the constitution that identifies states' right to seceed and what is necessary to prove the right to do so.

mcbluefire (20 minutes ago)
You get upset too quickly. I didn't call you a socialist, I called the Pledge socialist. Glen Beck is of no significance to me, other than an American who knows something is very wrong as well. When does a State have the right to secede? Why can't you read my posts and see your answer? When The Federal Government No Longer Operates Within The Bounds Of The Constitution. That is when. More to the point whenever the people of that State no longer find it in their best interest to remain.

mcbluefire (17 minutes ago)
Forgive me for using elementary school bs, but you are begging me for the obvious answer that is already there and acting like it isn't. We The People run this country and our States, not Us The Government. This country has a government, not the other way around. Realize that secession is a last resort of a State when it has no other choice and quit wasting time trying to prove people don't have that choice. We hope it doesn't come to that - but it is an option.

I am now waiting for his likely reply. It is very confusing to me that we are having a long drawn out argument over something that is up to the states to decide. I sense that we are probably on the same page for most things when it comes to Liberty, except that Wittumy doesn't think we are past the point of no return thus far. I believe it could still be solved on paper, but a miracle would have to occur to get the our federal government back in line with the Constitution and suddenly voting away all the powers they've grabbed. I want that miracle, and I'm praying for it!