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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Note to Alan Grayson

Re: Share Your Health Care Story With Me Inbox (email dated 9/22/2009)

What kind of survey just asks one loaded question? The survey your team setup at, asks exactly one question. How is that going to garner useful information for you on the issue of health care. I would select "major changes", but that in no way would be the same major changes you may hear from other people.

To me the major change is getting the federal government out of healthcare completely. Remove it's failed ideas of stealing from one class of people to give insurance to another class of people. Give the industry freedom to do what it must so it can have a chance at providing the best service for the best cost to the most customers without constraints. Constraints that force us to use insurance and other "solutions" that actually make healthcare more expensive and less obtainable.

I know when I was a child my Mom spent $20 to take my sister and I into see the doc. That wasn't copay, that was paid in full for services rendered. Now I pay over $100 a visit, just for one child, and that's just if it was just a talk with the doctor. Did the dollar decline 160% since 1980? No. Then why does it cost ten times as much for a typical healthy checkup now? Don't try to make me believe it's because of greedy doctors and unfair insurance. It's because of government involvement and government failing in its role to protect doctors from fraudulent malpractice suits.

Today's doctors have to pander to insurance companies, record keeping that gives the government easier access to patient records than the patient them self, and malpractice insurance that gobbles up a huge chunk of their income. Want to fix healthcare? Get the government out of it!

Restore the Constitution and chain down the government. Consider your oath, good sir - it is to the constitution of this Republic and not to the public opinion surveys.