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Monday, August 01, 2011

Another short note from one of my Senators in FL.

August 1, 2011

Dear Marc,

I want you to know that just a bit ago I sent out a Tweet saying I’ll support the compromise plan to end the stalemate over the national debt.

It’s not a perfect plan, but it’s something I feel we need to have right now. It’s going to cut almost $3 trillion from the deficit.

The plan is similar to one I put forth last week, which included some of the concepts you all sent me.

I’m hopeful now that Congress will come together. Below is an informative chart from the Washington Post that pretty well sums up the compromise plan.

Again, thanks for your thoughts,

This is my response to him:

Permit the debt-ceiling to increase? The failed federal government is currently spending $4 billion a day more than it takes in. Raising the debt-ceiling and realizing $1 trillion in savings over 10 years does nothing to help the American people and our children.

Way to go on supporting a bill to pass the buck on to future generations.

What in the world are the enforcement mechanisms and what does it mean, "$1.2 Trillion in deficit reduction?". The annual deficit is at least $1.4 Trillion. Unless that is $1.2 Trillion realized annually it is not a solution.

Right now if the federal government reduced EVERY cost program by 50% we would still have a huge debt and could pay down the deficit at only 248 Billion a year. That would take 50+ years to pay off what we owe, now. Does Congress even realize that?

The federal government is spending like a drunken sailor and this "compromise" plan shows us that the sailors promise to pick up $10 and $20's when they see them laying around on the floor.

Compromise is viewed in many circles as a good thing. Everyone is a winner, and everyone is a loser. However, in this compromise we are all huge losers and no one wins (except the lenders). The dollar will continue to be devalued and the debt burden for my children will continue to grow.

You all have accomplished nothing. There isn't one hard cut in the bill. "Savings" defined as capped spending and agency budget cuts that are not defined or given a time frame (in the news article). If they were annual they would be completely "unrealistic" [not my opinion - but to sustain the current "services"], but sadly not enough to get the US Government spending within its income.

Also, I love your play on words. "It's going to cut almost $3 trillion from the deficit." What are you talking about? The deficit is only $1.4 trillion this year. Are you talking about a nice 10 year solution? "Hey folks, I know we'll be going into debt another $14 Trillion in the next decade, but I found a way to reduce that to just $11 Trillion?"

How stupid do you really think we are?

A no vote is the only reasonable vote on such a "do nothing" bill.

Apparently he didn't hear my thoughts at all. It's business as usual and continued destruction of the economy and our Country's future because our representatives can not sit down and make the real difficult decisions that need to be done. If they don't want to raise the legalized theft on people to pay for the programs, it is time to cut the programs.