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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Continues to Demonstrate the Anarchy of Goverment

Not to be swayed by the Constition, the partisan politics ruled the day and left the law in shambles as the Supreme Court of the Federal Goverment decided government has the power to require people to pay a monthly fee to be alive.

Authoritarian Anarchy - that is our government. Land of the Enslaved and home of the plantation dwellers. None of us can survive and get the healthcare we are "due" without our master's providing it for us with our own tax dollars.  Is our current healthcare system good?  No.  Is it because of the free market?  No.  We do not have a free market - we have corporatism and cronyism.  A free market would not have guarantees of immunity and bailout by our own tax dollars.  A free market would not have an income tax.

When people finally realize that forcing others to do anything for them is against natural law then and only then will freedom stand a chance to grow.  People cannot use force to make others provide for them, or do what they think is moral.  This is against natural law.  It is wrong.  Only when force, except for defense (not pre-emptive defense), is abandoned will we see the end of slavery, the end of the "need" for government, and the beginning of freedom.

That paradigm shift is a long ways off, unfortunately. The churches should be leading the way, but instead they are busy preaching Romans 13 and accepting tax dollars to fund their activities. Freedom is long dead and the Christian Faith that promoted the notion is busy ignoring its Savior's Words. The united States of America has abandoned Liberty and I fear another cycle of violence is the only recourse many deem the solution. That course will fail miserably and result in yet another tyranny. We must disobey peacefully to achieve our freedom. Ignore the self-proclaimed authority and irrelevant it will become.

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