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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walk the Walk

Although I do the research, this little site is pretty nice and has the ability to select or even add options that are not in the default answers.

I don't just talk the talk and vote for someone I don't agree with.  Why should you?  Take the quiz....then vote for that person.

People are working hard to ensure you can make your decisions based on principle and not labels.  There is no longer a reason to claim ignorance of the positions of candidates.

Happy quizzing!


The Parties Are Now Screaming The Truth

of their disregard for the rule of law...and yet the party members continue to believe it is not all that bad! They have both had their conventions and they demonstrated they could careless about their members. They both enacted rules that were not clearly supported and they did so by ignoring the people that make up their parties. The Republicrats and Demicans could not be more clear about their top-down strategy of rule. Yet, millions still believe this is a democracy. ROFL. How brain-dead do you have to be to still believe these two parties care one bit about America?

Ah, but then we cannot afford another four years with the racist socialism fueled by Obama cries the blind members of the Republican party that are convinced their fascist, bank-owned candidate will be better for the country. Don't be too concerned my dear confused friends. Romney has the support of the banksters and thus he will win the election.

Months ago I was certain only Obama could win. I believed the polls that only Ron Paul could beat him in a direct race as the majority of his message is readily accepted by most Americans regardless of political affiliation.

Sadly, as we all knew would happen, the neo-con fear mongering convinced the right-wing self professed "Christians" into remaining fearful of a true national defense (which is both Biblical and Constitutional), so they turned their backs on the only conservative candidate for the repumocrat nomination and went with someone that would continue fueling the war machine. The establishment hand-picked candidate Romney was put into power amidst a scandal of rigged votes and corruption.

Romney's baggage of corruption, consistent position flipping, and progressive voting record was ignored and the candidacy was limited to one issue - unconstitutional war. Unconstitutional war was made greater than Liberty. How many people did you hear say it over the last year? "I love what Ron Paul stands for and what he says and has done, but I don't agree with his foreign policy so I can't vote for him." One issue. This country loves war. That is all there is to it. I am disgusted and repulsed. The majority of the Republican party hates Liberty and loves sending their kids off to die. That is the only message that can be true. No one can convince me other-wise. Either the people actually voted that way or the corruption of the party completely covered up the election results and forced their choice on America. Unfortunately I have spoken with too many "conservatives" to believe most of them are not convinced that offense is better than freedom.

Now, however I see that Obama has been given the order to lose the election. It is so obvious. He is literally spewing drivel every day to push away his base. He has been saying things that give even his most ardent supporters pause and reason to reconsider voting for him. I could be wrong, however it appears obvious to me. The race is still close, right now, but I don't think it will remain that way.

Finally, to counter the argument that now more than ever you must vote for Romney to remove Obama and you should not "waste" your vote on a candidate you agree with in principle.... 
Romney = Obama with right-wing ignorant backing = NDAA^10
(NDAA to the tenth power)
The Republican party was a pitiful third party once and it has had its turn. The argument of voting for someone you don't believe in only because they have a "chance to win" holds no water. It is the same dead argument of "this election is too important!" No, it isn't. The United States of America that was built on the principles of Liberty and Freedom for all is dead and has been for decades. Romney will do nothing to revive it anymore than Obama has. He brought socialism and fascism to Massachusetts and he will do nothing less in DC. Neither of the big parties care about their members anymore than the Senate cares about the country.

Vote your conscience as only voting for the person you believe represents you makes any sense. George Washington told us the detriment a two party system would be to a country based on individual sovereignty and the entire argument of voting for someone "most likely to win" only serves to underscore the validity of his message. If people voted for candidates that supported their principles this country would be richer than it has ever been and we would be free. Life would still not be perfect but there would not be a police state in the US.

Forget about the lesser of two evils argument - try the definition of insanity. Repeatedly doing the same thing to achieve different results. How has the two party system been working out for us so far?

I want to be represented, not ignored.  Therefore I cannot vote for someone that will never represent me.  Your vote is your message.  What message are you sending when you cast it for someone you don't believe in?

This is what the truth is about people who keep voting against their own principles:
Disregard the title - there truly is nothing funny about abuse whether it be from a controlling significant other or a political body.

Not to leave this posting as just a diss at the current establishment of freedom hating government I will leave you with my second choice for President.  Ron Paul was my first.

Not convinced?  Listen to this young man who states the case so aptly: