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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Rush says America is Dying? Where you been?

Dying? Free America has been dead for decades – it’s first nail in the coffin began in the 1850′s. Forcing people to remain in a union they do not agree with is imperialism, not liberty. All hail the first American dictator, Lincoln.

Force when used for other than defense produces broken results. When are people going to realize that? Meanwhile our lawless government will continue using force.

  • force to fight poverty (redistribution and theft)
  • force to cage people for their vices (war on plants)
  • force to keep dropouts in school that just disrupts education for other kids
  • force to be molested or radiated before traveling
  • force to submit to inspections while driving near boarders
  • force to prevent people from exercising their freedom of speech including caging Mark Schmidter here in Orlando for handing out FIJA flyers outside of “free speech zones”
  • force to create free speech zones
  • force to prevent law abiding citizens ease in protecting themselves and their families - giving the bad guys and edge
  • force to keep kids in schools defenseless
  • force to collect several bribes to be able to drive a vehicle
  • force to collect bribes to open a business
  • force to listen to or read any conversation without due process
  • force to teach scientific theory as fact
  • force to build mass transit that will never operate for less than it can charge
  • force to prove we are not guilty
  • force to perpetuate racism as if everyone alive is guilty of it
  • force to donate money we do not have to countries we should not be in league with
  • force to be the world police
  • force to interfere overseas
  • force to break-in to homes at 3 am to “serve warrants”
  • force to seize property for merely being suspected of involvement in the war on plants
  • force to donate money to companies that are too big too fail or just adored by politicians
  • force to make the rich richer
  • force to keep people on the defensive fighting to keep their rights that the government should never be able to consider infringing
  • force to destroy the monetary system on a whim
  • force to grant politicians bigger pieces of the ever shrinking pie while the people suffer
  • force to destroy liberty in the name of safety
  • force to jail anyone indefinitely without charges
  • force to enlist other countries to suppress rebellion or unrest within American boarders
  • force to train other country's military in how to beat us
  • force to spend the retirements collected by the US government as social security and spend it other unconstitutional projects and then reduce illegibility for the retirement money stolen from us
  • force to create problems that are then "solved" by creating more government
  • force to control the education of our children
  • force to push laws through as riders on other bills that are never debated (RealID/War on Plants)
  • force to play God
  • force to make this a democracy which it was never intended to be
  • force to perpetuate an unneeded postal service
  • force to take the right to choose away, except for abortion
  • force for nearly any “feel good” sounding plan that “public opinion” comes up with

The rule of law, the Republic: the Constitution, was designed to prevent this nonsense. Thus, I submit the America you romanticize has been dead for decades.  What we saw for the last 60 years was the shell being gutted slowly so that most Americans would believe it was still free. It began when the Constitution was usurped and the US was incorporated - the enemies of freedom had a major victory that day.  They were working hard in the background before then, but this enabled them to put America in perpetual debt to them. Hey, as long as we have Starbucks and Internet we are free, correct?

By not resisting these uses of force we aide the aggressors the only proper action as a Patriot is to resist these tyrannical uses of force through all peaceful means.  The list above is only a small sample of the misuse of force, I do not have the patience to list the nearly 2 million abuses of force that are accepted as "law" in this country.