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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Global Warming....

The democrats invite opposition to speak with Al Gore in Congress, but then after he gets here they tell him to go away....lovely! Read this link to see more of what sparked my entry.

Science is the new religion of our nation, I challenge anyone to state otherwise. We are now to accept Darwinism on faith. That theory offers nothing but a short glimmer of living, with no purpose, no reason, and nothing to strive for. No thanks! I'll stick to faith in God and our Lord Jesus who give us Liberty, Salvation, reason and purpose to our lives, especially our after life. Does that mean that Darwin was an idiot with no idea of what he was speaking of? No! I believe he was correct that we evolve and adapt to our environment, but species jumping? Show me the proof!

Now, with this news, I can rest easily with the reassurance that Al Gore is a fraud.

Science is meant to be only a study of what we can measure - it is a tool thats only purpose is the help us understand our environment. It, by definition, requires no leap of faith - only proof.

Carl Sagan was one of the first big celebrity scientists that shunned actual science and instead sold faith in science. Without conducting one experiment he concluded that a nuclear war would lead to nuclear winter. There was no way to experiment with that theory, yet he sold it to nations as fact. Global warming is another theory unsubstantiated by fact. In reality it exists in opposition to the fact that the world temperatures on average are indeed *not* rising. (unless of course you lie and use September's temperatures for October.)

Global warming is nothing more than an excuse for wealth redistribution which steals from *all* to give to the government. If the ideas of this administration become law, the poorest of our nation will quickly become poorer as they pay the carbon taxes.

Al Gore should be allowed to speak, but he should be considered without credit or merit until he and his ilk can produce one shred of evidence that can be reproduced in a lab. Should we try to find ways to reduce pollution? Hell, yes! Should we do it by forcing people into poverty? No!


Letter to my Rep...

I sent this to my house representative today...

Rep Grayson, I am glad to see you have decided to co-sponsor HR1207. Auditing the Federal Reserve is truly an important first step in proving that they should not exist at all. Of course, it will be nigh-impossible to find any information that they will be willing to turn over to the House. It is indeed time to fire them and time for this government to wake up and follow the Constitution. If only you had not sold us all out when you sponsored HR 1664. Do you not realize that you laid the foundation for the brother of minimum wage, better to be known as the maximum wage? You should be ashamed for your naive acts against Liberty and Freedom when you sponsored such a terrible bill. I implore you as someone who voted for you, and as an American Patriot, please wake up and take your oath to the Constitution as seriously as I do the one I took. Whenever you introduce or vote for legislation that does not stick within the confines of the Supreme Law of the Land, you are acting as an anarchist. I demand that you honor your oath, and no matter what your party tells you that you do what is truly just for this nation and the workers....limit the Federal government to the powers it was given and get our State and all states back where they belong - in control of their destiny. Moving the tax burden to the rich is not the answer! Placing the tax burden to an all time low is what will work. We need to get the Federal Government back to working on the budget that excise and tariffs can support. Join The People and forever end the insane income tax. I request, demand, and hope that you will go back to the real Democrat Party platform of personal freedom and also find out that only a free market can work, not a socialized one. Doctor visits used to be inexpensive when I was a child, now they are ridiculous thanks to government and private insurances and frivolous malpractice suits. Help us with real change by fighting against the problems and not using the big-government created problems to create more big government. Let me leave you with one last thought: "The government is not here to ensure our financial welfare by borrowing against our future. No one can borrow their way out of debt. Doing nothing is exactly what our Constitution required this anarchist government to do. They think they know better than the founding fathers. The truth is they are the reason we are in this mess and they are just making it worse. Wake up! Government is never the solution it is the disease! It is fire, not warmth. It consumes, it does not create." -Marc Bessent Thank you for your time. I'd appreciate a response and a bit of personal insight in regards to what it is like for you as a Rep. in Washington. Together we can restore America to truly be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but not if we are willing to throw away what got us here in trade for a horrible agenda that Bush put into play and Obama is surfing on. The Constitution is not a joke, good sir, and I advise you to do your duty. By The Way, I voted for you to fire the republican that voted for the bailout. Your vote for HR.1 has me ready to vote for anyone that runs against you when your seat comes up. Continue voting for bigger government, more oversight, and less freedom and you will absolutely insure that. Quit spending *MY* money and start reducing the size of government. Thank you, Marc Bessent American Veteran, Patriot, and lover of Liberty