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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rising Gas, Falling Dollar, or Big Government FAILURE?

This is a write-up I shared with some friends recently.  I figured I'd share some more of my political observations on my blog.  Cheers!

The rising price of gas has not been caused by demand for fuels - it has happened because of the decline of the dollar.  The dollar is declining because the Federal Reserve keeps the interest rate low and prints more money.  More money in circulation = less value for the money.  The Federal reserve is a private organization that is owned by banks all over the world.  Our money isn't backed by gold or silver as is required by the Constitution.   Ever since the Federal Reserve took over control of our dollar it's buying power has steadily declined, inflation has been positive all but two years since 1948.   Before it was created Inflation was cyclical and it went up and down sometimes as much as 17%, but it corrected as the supply of gold was stablized.  It is why you don't see those cute "how much things used to cost" items in stores going back before the creation of the Federal reserve, because you could reach back another hundred years and find a time when a loaf of bread cost the same as it did in the early 1900's.  You can't today because the price of bread has steadily risen since then.  If you look at the price of fuel versus the value of gold you'll see that fuel cost hasn't risen, the value of the dollar has dropped.  Only Ron Paul addressed inflation as a platform issue.
Both Libertarians and Constitutionalists want to get rid of the Income Tax, and return our Federal government to using only excise and luxury taxes to run the military.  If we just worried about that portion of the government we could do it with the current excise and luxury taxes.  When you think about it the Income Tax pays only for all the unconstitutional aspects of our government....but what did those founding father types know?

Following my little rough outline of the true reason for "rising" gas prices as of late, I found this interesting chart which puts positive inflation into perspective so that it is easier to see what you could buy for $1 in 1913 has cost since.  Notice how at no time the Federal Reserve has been able to make our paper dollar worth more than it's beginning value.  In other words, the Federal Reserve has *never* created enough negative inflation to do what it was supposed to do...ensure stable prices and prevent banking panics.

YearAmount it took to 
equal $1 in 1913

Not what I'd call a "success".  The dollar in 2008 is worth 4.6 cents in 1913.  Pitiful.  But, then honestly taking what belongs with the people under a free market and giving it to be controlled by the richest banks in the world was probably a bad idea...

The one topic I didn't touch in the earlier chat was the fact that our failing dollar will be used to convince the United States of America to combine our economies with Canada and Mexico for stability and security.  It is only a small part of the plan for the New World Order where eventually our Federal Government won't be the problem, but rather the World Government will be.

One of the biggest pieces of legislation to pass during Bush's presidency was HR 418, the REAL ID Act.  This piece of legislation that several states including Deleware and Alaska have passed legislation to declare it illegal in their states, would create a national ID database for Americans that would be shared with Mexico and Canada.  Mexico and Canada could also put their citizens into the database - thus creating the first step to having a North American Country.  But that wasn't the worst thing about this legislation, which passed both the house (HR 418)  and the Senate (HR 1268 - HR 418 was attached as a rider).

Here is a simple synopsis of it from

Touted by its sponsors as an anti-terrorism measure, the "REAL ID Act": (1) institutes broad new federal requirements for drivers' licenses, including a requirement that motor vehicle agencies investigate and verify each piece of ID that an applicant shows as proof of identity; (2) for noncitizens, requires drivers' licenses to expire on the same date as an applicant's visa; (3) authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to waive "all laws" that might impede the construction of roads and barriers at U.S. borders; and (4) introduces new rules of evidence in asylum cases that will make it more difficult to prove legitimate claims. It also changes the process for appealing some deportation orders in federal court.

The drivers' license provisions are extremely burdensome and expensive, for citizens and noncitizens alike, and will do little to reduce the threat of terrorism. Rather than preventing terrorists from boarding planes as they did on September 11, the requirements will increase discrimination and will simply lead to more unlicensed drivers on the roads. The waiver of "all laws" is an extremely disturbing and unprecedented assault on our most basic constitutional principles. Under it, the Secretary can ignore not only environmental protections, as previous law allowed in limited circumstances, but also any civil rights laws, immigration laws, labor laws or even criminal laws that he unilaterally believes pose a burden. The asylum provisions will prevent many legitimate refugees from obtaining safe haven in the United States, while doing little to prevent terrorism, as terrorists are already barred from asylum or any other immigration benefit.

 In one piece of cruddy legislation the house and senate trampled on the Constitution, including the following Ammendments 4, 5, 6, 10, and 11.  McCain voted for it.  The bill that it was attached to in the Senate included $1.845 billion in foreign aid.  Believe McCain when he says he doesn't support legislation that squanders our money or that is filled with pork?  Wish I could believe him. Here is the quick synopsis of that bill.

Bill's need to be fxed such that they are one law, one issue.  That bill is just another example of completely unrelated topics going through as one law.  It's ridiculous.  Only the Constitution Party has this as a part of it's party platform.

Here is McCain's full voting record.

Since 2000, I have not and will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.  I had an open mind this year and listened to McCain, hoping he would listen to Ron Paul and possibly start a new era for the Republicans.  However, as time goes on it is obvious he won't and isn't much different than Obama.

My candidates may not win, but I will sleep better knowing I didn't vote for either of the two that will only continue to take our beloved country on the path to ruin.  One is a bit slower than the other....but the result is the same.


Here is a quick debunk of the wasted vote theory:

The Wasted Vote.

I believe in what the Party stands for but you're never going to win so isn't voting for you a wasted vote?
When you vote, you're not voting for who you think is GOING to win, you vote for who best represents your beliefs. A wasted vote is voting for someone who says one thing and does another. If you want a smaller government and lower taxes, you certainly won't get either by voting Democrat or Republican.

Secondly, ballot access requirements are designed to keep third parties out of politics. Voting can help third parties' ballot access in future elections. In any given race, if Libertarians get a minimum of 5% of the vote, we are allowed ballot access for the next election. Otherwise, without ensured ballot access, Libertarians are subject to strict ballot access requirements that suck up our time, money, and energies. 

Lastly, the swing vote forces the dominant parties to listen to, and conform to, our beliefs. It's a way of voicing your opinion that you're entirely fed up with both Democrats and Republicans.

It goes the same for voting any of the third parties, Constitution, Libertarian, Green, etc... vote your heart and for principles!  Also, if neither can secure a 5-15% vote they will have to spend millions to get on the ballots again next election cycle. It's more important to ensure a party you believe in can get access to the ballot than to prevent yet another inept maroon from the Republican or Democratic party to get into office for another 4 years.    Don't forget that many of Hilary's staunch supporters have decided they will vote for McCain because, even though they are democrats, they don't want to see Obama in office at all.  That is part of why McCain has seen increases in the polls lately.  The real powers in Washington will continue to keep things as they have been going for the last 150 years (downhill) regardless of whether Obama or McCain become president and they will only begin to worry if they see that American's vote freedom and limited government over the status quo.

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