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Friday, October 03, 2008

A letter sent to the two senators of my state by a close friend

I found his writing to be superb.  He really got to the point!

I urge you to vote NO to any bill that bails out Wall St's irresponsible economics with Federal taxpayer's money.  It is time that our politicians listen to the people of this nation and find a better means to resolving this problem.   Our nation's great Constitution does not grant the right to congress to interfere with private irresponsibility via taxpayers dollars. Follow what your Oath of Office requires you to do; stand by our Constitution and defend it at all costs.  Show the world that our form of government is indeed the best in the world, one that can stand the test of time and difficulty. 

We are now faced with a decision; we can elect to continue to prop up a failed Federal Reserve system, or choose to change it.  A bail out is a simple band-aid, a blank check.  It will drastically work to devalue the US dollar and it will set the stage for other industries to expect federal bailouts.  It is time to make a stand; stand up and tell Wall St. that enough is enough. The people rule this government, not the corrupt lobbyist, corporations and politicians.  Return our monetary system to the people.  --TJLaw

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