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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dear Senator

Thanks to the NRDC's misleading ad on facebook, I ended up on their site where they were asking me to take action and write to my senator to condemn their inaction on "comprehensive climate and energy legislation."

So, since they pulled me in under false pretenses, I cleared out their text demanding creation of 2 million clean energy jobs and etc and replaced it with this:
Whereas we need clean energy and the ability to get away from Oil dependence, I do not agree with the Federal Government taking it upon themselves to decide anything in this area as they do not have the Constitutional authority to do so. However, they should make a case to the States to take under consideration what should be done to reduce pollution.

Of course, the repeal of laws making it nigh impossible to create a dam, build a nuclear power plant, or otherwise invest in alternatives to oil would be a step in the right direction.

Increasing taxes on current forms of energy is not an option. In a time when people can barely find enough money to keep their basic needs satisfied where Electric and Gas Energy for the home looks like another rent or mortgage payment, a tax would mean that many low income folks would simply have to do without. Could you imagine living without electricity or the ability to drive? No throwing more taxes on that basic building block of our economic infrastructure would only serve to cripple our country.

Please investigate ways to make it easier for people to bring us electric generation that does not depend on coal or oil and empower the people to develop a car that runs off hydrogen, electricity, and natural gas to help reduce carbon emissions without taxing the entire country into poverty.


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