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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Want big business out of government?  Remove government's controls on the market.

Want big labor to quit pushing their interests through our government?  Remove government's controls on business and education.

Want to end the oppressive morality laws?  Remove government's control on personal behavior.

Want to stop redistribution of wealth?  Remove government's involvement in "charity" that is better known as subsidies that benefit big business more than it ever has individuals.

What one step could be taken to remove the US government's interference from billions of peoples lives here and around the world?  Obey the Constitution as if it was the Supreme law of the land.

Want to end the wars?  Look at all of the above and remove governments funding for interventionist tactics.

I am tired of people using force thinking that will provide them with a security blanket.  How can anything good ever come out of making people do what you want?  History has shown repeatedly that progress built on the backs of others always crumbles...but then what does history know?  Humanism has all the answers and it is smarter than anything that has ever come before it.  We are so much better as humans than we were just 70 years ago, right?

Until humanity gives up on coercion as the method of government they will never be able to nurture all in society.

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