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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Pro-NSA, Pro-USA PATRIOT ACt, Anti-American Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio,

No to the NSA, no to the "PATRIOT/[Give Government everything it wants to rule outside of law] ACT".

You just do not get it.  You represent people from the State of FL, not the Federal Government.  You are bound by law to keep that Federal Government working within the bounds of the Constitution.

For some creepy reason you and several hundred other "law makers" are confused and befuddled as soon as your heart is appealed to.  Suddenly all logic goes out the window and you believe that if the government can do something it must do it.  Can is defined here as "able to but not necessarily legally permitted."  That it makes you and the federal government operate outside the Supreme Law of the land is apparently of no concern to you.  

You are at the helm of a rogue entity and not a republican government.  Rule of law applies to everyone in a republic, not just the citizens.  More so the rule of law applies to those serving in government.  How can you purport to uphold and defend the Constitution when your vote is attached to many a bill that flies directly in the face of that document and strips the people of their rights and liberties?

Apparently the wisdom of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others who know the fact that government is the use of force and not eloquence is lost on you.

You are upholding tyranny.  Is there any other way to view it?  How can we fight terrorism when our government is spreading tyranny?  How can we tell the difference?

You and your cronies in Washington sicken me and more than half of this nation.  Why else do you think 51% of the people no longer vote?  Because they have already decided they want nothing to do with the rogue entity of the state.  They want their liberty back.  They want their nation back.  They want their government to return to the chains of the Constitution.

The NSA and the "Patriot Act" (better labeled the "Pro-Government Act") have done nothing good for this nation.  They have helped a lawless government become a tyrant.  I wish you would perform your duty and begin dismantling the unlawful entity that has risen up from the ashes of our republic.

Wasn't there some idiot that said something dumb about trading liberty for security?  Guess you never heard of the dumb guy either.  What did he know?  He lived before 9/11.  I mean after all there were no wars or terrorist acts way back in the 1700's.  Life on this planet has totally changed and a government of the people, for the people, by the people couldn't possibly work anymore, right?  We need complete subjugation to 545 tyrants in DC to make life better with police officers shooting people who don't obey their demands and teams of people searching mass surveillance for whatever keywords matter that month to ensure that the Democrats and Republicans (parties of the minority) remain in power.  Keep working those unconstitutional laws while the nation's currency and international relations continue to crumble - heaven forbid you not get your bigger piece of the ever shrinking pie!

It must be the citizens who are getting worse, not the government, right?  If the people are getting worse then that destroys the argument that law makers are so much better than they were in 1787 and thus know better than those small men who lived so long ago.  Last I checked government was just made up of people - fallible, terrible people.  People who have no right to exert their will on other people just because some other people voted for them.  The only rights a government has is to uphold the Supreme Law and ensure the rights of the people are upheld while providing a path for justice following an infringement.  Defense sir, defense - not offense under any label including pre-emptive strike.

Didn't you learn in kindergarten that violence is not the solution?  Force is violence and the government is nothing but force.



Value Mom said...

Don't you love the Orwellian name the Patriot Act? Like anyone opposes it, is somehow unpatriotic for wanting to keep the government with-in the confines of the Constitution.

McBluefire said...

Amen. Bills are ridiculously named regularly - typically meaning the exact opposite or what they are about. Kind of like "Affordable Care Act". What is affordable about paying for everyone to get all the care they want?