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Saturday, October 11, 2008

NRA votes for an evil

Even though the NRA gave a perfect score to Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, they recently decided to just do what they always do in every presidential election - back the Republican.  No matter how liberal or how bad a record that candidate has with gun control.

I sent them my .06 cents (that's 2 cents in 2008 versus 1913 dollars = $.0006)

Where is the back-bone of the NRA? I cannot believe this organization has backed John McCain. With Chuck Baldwin and the Libertarian Party to opt for, this organization has let down gun owners and patriots across our land.
I doubt I will ever become a dues paying member of the NRA, now. I'll keep hoping that this association wakes up next election cycle, but for now it appears to want to stay in business as usual.  

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