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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Freedom:Tragedy = "Initiated Force":Good

As soon as there is a tragedy there are instantly politicians claiming that their party's stances on {name your issue} would have prevented or lessened the tragedy.

Those politicians prey on fear and use it to remove your liberty.  They do it to convince you that we need them or we would live in utter chaos like the animals in the wild: kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, fight or die.

As if there was no order in the world before "government" came to be.  It is indeed amazing, how ordered and beautiful the world is now that we have governments is it not?  There is no tragedy, no chaos, no violence, right?  We do not fight secret wars and kill innocent people anywhere on the planet thanks to the people who assume they are in charge of our lives, our livelihood, and our future.

These benevolent people do not use force against peaceful people.   Not ever.  They do not risk brave lives to enforce meaningless "laws".  They never use "laws" to remove adversaries, competition, or boat rockers.  Correct?  Any of this ringing true?

Not to me either.  Why is that?  Don't people run for office to make a difference and help people?  Sure I believe most of them think they are doing just that.  The problem is they are going about solving the problem the wrong way.  You cannot bring justice into the world by threat of force.  To do so is to be just as guilty as any thug that attacks peaceful people.

True laws have to do with pursuing justice for a person or their property that was damaged or misused by another person.  Most of the laws on the books today have nothing to do with crimes that have an actual victim.

What prompted this quick message was an email I received from just one of thousands of politician's that are using a tragedy that happened just a couple days ago as a means to a political end and it is disgusting.

Tim Canova, 
Politicizing a tragedy is disrespectful and minimizes the loss of human life as if government somehow could have stopped it with more laws (lies) or more control over everyone. 
Send out an apology and re-think this awful stance.  Freedom is not what leads to tragedy.  There is evil in this world and it cannot be stopped by using force against peaceful people to somehow miraculously stop violent people. 
Politician's aren't the only people guilty - the "mass media" propaganda machine no doubt has been spewing forth their expert opinions on what could prevent the next major tragedy all while turning a blind eye to the true tragedies that "governments" create every day: mass murder on a global scale.

We all want to feel safe - but there is nothing less safe than give the State all the power it wants to keep us "safe", especially from ourselves.  Defend the borders?  Sure!   Keep us and the world safe - absolutely not!

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