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Thursday, July 18, 2019

The FDA (LT)

(LT = letter to the federal government)

Doctors and patients should be free to use whatever medicines they prefer. And if pharmaceutical companies value the FDA`s endorsement they can voluntarily pay for FDA evaluation. They should not be coerced to do so. 

A similar approach has already been tested. FDA rules were relaxed to permit the drugs that now prevent HIV from being a death sentence. We could gain the same benefit for other diseases. Stated simply, the FDA should serve us, not rule us.

The FDA should be like UL (United Laboratories).  Unfortunately since it has dictatorial powers it is susceptible to corruption and costs peoples lives.  If the FDA was more like UL then people would have the option to buy FDA approved drugs or foods while others could "risk" obtaining what they wanted whether it be approved by another body or not approved at all.  Without the power of government behind the FDA it would strive to ensure it backed only things that were healthy and proven better for the public in order to continue to exist.  If people following FDA guidelines using FDA approved products found they lived longer, healthier lives the FDA would be something companies wanted to be approved by and they would tailor their business practices to earn the approval by providing high-quality healthy products. 

This is why I select UL listed electrical and electronic devices because I know the companies with that symbol were approved by that VOLUNTARY regulatory body and I trust it.  If UL started endorsing electrical products that were faulty my trust in them would falter and I'd look for a new regulatory body that provided reliable electric seals of approval.

The FDA has no checks or balances.  It is rife with corruption and will gladly approve any unproven or untried garbage on Americans as long as the price is right while simultaneously denying people the ability to rightfully try what they want in an attempt to improve or save their own lives..  I have no faith or trust in them what-so-ever.  They are an unconstitutional body with no actual power except for that granted to them by a lawless government.  Do the FDA and America a favor and make them a voluntary, non-tax funded, regulatory body that people can have a chance to trust by providing the only proven check which is competition.

How can this be the land of the free if we aren't even free to decide for ourselves?  We will only be the land of the free when we also have the right to be left alone - one which is non-existent in the world today.

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